What is Footsteps for Recovery raising funds for?

Footsteps for Recovery is raising funds to help us provide more services to veterans and their families in need. This includes more psychology appointments and social connection activities. Please sock up this December to help us.

How long do I have to sell my socks and fundraise?

We recommend allocating no more one month to sell your socks, but many people sell them much quicker. It will all depend on who your prospective customers are. Feel free to speak to our fundraising team about your personal circumstances. 

What if I don’t sell all my socks?

With only 12 pairs per box, we don’t think youll have any problem selling your socks, but if you don’t, don’t worry. Any unsold socks can be returned to Mates4Mates at the end of your fundraiser 

Please direct returns to: 

Mates4Mates Fundraising Team 
PO Box 1220, Milton, QLD, 4064 

When can I sell socks for Mates4Mates? 

The aim is that Footsteps for Recovery – the fundraising sock box - will be a year-round activity that workplaces and communities can participate in. Please complete the enquiry form below and we will let you know know if we have socks boxes in stock.

Fundraising sock box

Can I select the designs in my box?

Our fundraising sock boxes arrive pre-packed with four pairs of each of our three custom designs.

What’s included in my fundraising socks box?

  • 1 x fundraising sock box to help you carry or display your socks. 
  • 12 x pairs of Mates4Mates socks.  
  • 1 x cash collection bag. 
  • Helpful how to factsheet with more information about the campaign.  
  • Sales tracking form. 

Is there a minimum amount I must raise?

You are required to raise $20 per pair of socks, or $240 per box. Any you do not sell should be returned to Mates4Mates.   

Number of boxes       Minimum fundraising amount of box

1                                                 $240  

2                                                 $480 

3                                                 $720   

How do I bank money from the sale of my socks?

Please remember to bank any cash from sock sales through your personal online dashboard by logging in here.

You will need to use a credit or debit card to do this and then you keep the cash. If you cant use a debit or credit card, you can make an EFT payment directly into the Mates4Mates account. If you do this, use your Fundraiser ID as your payment reference.  

Account Name: Mates4Mates Limited  

BSB: 064-001 

Account Number: 1152-0407 

Payment Ref: Your Fundraiser ID 

I haven’t received my order yet? 

Please contact us at and one of our fundraising team will be in touch.

I sold a pair of socks using my QR code but its not appearing on my fundraising page yet? 

Any socks purchased using the QR code on the fundraising box will come directly to Mates4Mates and will not appear on your fundraising page. But make sure you keep a track of your sales on your sales ledger.

Online dashboard & fundraising page

What is my dashboard?

Your fundraising dashboard is your one-stop shop to access features on your fundraising page.

On your dashboard you can do the following things:

  • Personalise your page with your own story and photos. 
  • Share your page on social media. 
  • Send out emails to sell socks and collect additional donations. 
  • Download resources like posters and social media graphics to use. 
  • Bank any cash from the sale of your socks. 
  • Check to see how many additional donations you have received and thank people. 

Can I make an online donation to buy a pair of socks?

No, you must use the QR Code on the fundraising box to purchase a pair of socks using a debit or credit card. This transaction is not tax deductible. 

Can I edit the name or message on my fundraising page? 

Yes, your page name can be changed when you are logged in, under the 'Edit My Page' section. Your page message can also be updated in the 'Edit My Page' section, in your blog area. Log in to your fundraising page here.

Note: if you have already shared your page and you have changed your page name you will need to re-share your page with family and friends.