Half Marathon at home!

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My target 21 kms

And it's done!!!

21.1kms done and 58 laps. Fairly respectable time given the elevation and some amazing support from my family and friends. Thank you to everyone who has donated and helped me reach my goal! I definitely thought about you all while I was out there running today and it really helped me to keep going up the hills towards the end! Hope I can walk upstairs tomorrow. 

On to the next goal now!!!

Just over a week to go!

Hard to see from this photo but this is a fairly steep section of the route and one that might get to be a bit challenging after a few laps.

After the fast 10km last week this week's training will be fairly light, mainly focused on the coffee afterwards! Some of this weekend will also be spent measuring the route as I have it on good authority that my Garmin watch will quite quickly start to lose it's ability to monitor that many laps effectively. The plan is to work out an average over the weekend by measuring laps at different times. I will then hopefully by Monday have a clear idea of the minimum number of laps I will have to do to make 21.1km. Then all I have to do is run them!!! :-)

10k predictor run...then coffee!

Couple of weeks out from a half and there is usually a short and sharp predictor run! Enjoyed mine yesterday running 10kms in my fastest time for 20 years. Don't think it means much in the context of my time for the Half Marathon as that was flat and the challenge of the half will be the hills and the trail element. Either way, it feels good to be running well and bodes well for my running journey for the rest of the year when things start to get back to normal! The coffee at the end was an obvious highlight...it always is!!!


Part of the route for my half marathon! Will have to have a word with the race organisers about doing some obstacle clearance before the race! :-)

Running Buddy

Hopefully this one will keep me company on my journey around the garden, although he generally pretty relaxed and I suspect that he will get bored pretty quickly when he realises that the route is a bit limited!

Please help me reach my goal

I'm proud to be raising funds for Mates4Mates to help support veterans impacted by service-related injuries and their families.

In the current situation we have all had to change the way that we live our lives and for me that has meant some restrictions in my running training and racing. Given this I have committed to completing a half marathon in my garden in support of Mates4Mates on a day when I would normally have been out running the Brisbane Half Marathon. It's going to be approximately 58 laps, depending on the accuracy of my GPS and is quite hilly so I am not expecting an amazing time but it will be good to know that I am doing it in a great cause. If you can support please do so, every little helps!

Mates4Mates need our help to do more and provide much-needed support and rehabilitation services to those in need.

Please help me make a difference by donating. Together, our impact is greater!

Thank you to my Supporters




Chris Norris



Well done Clare. As messaged this is from granny!


Adrian Morrison

Looking forward to hearing all about your HM.


Dinesh Chand

Go Clare! Can't wait to see the Strava map!


Julie Whitehead

Maybe run some in the reverse direction so you don’t get dizzy!!!


Philip Teakle

I am looking forward to your account of the run, Clare! 58 laps?!


Hannah L

You are amazing!! What a great effort :)


Jen King

Go Clare, you are the bomb diggity.


Karen J Figallo


Karen Lee

You’ll smash it!


Mark Evans

You’re a superstar Clare 😀


Fiona Beynon


Ginny Barbour

You go Clare! Will be cheering you on


Dorte Kirk

Cheering you all the way Clare.


Georgia Ash

Great effort Clare. Inspirational !


Clare Mitchell


Lynsey Green

Amazing job Clare, cant wait to hear all about it!



So awesome Clare! Love the photo of your running buddy. Good luck


Laura Duckworth

Good Luck Clare. You'll smash it!


Shareen Dawson

Go Clare!