Lest We Forget-Poppy Project Hervey Bay

By Fliur-Louise Genevieve

Dawn Service

We will remember them.

We remember

At the setting of the sun and in the morning

Setting up our poppies

Our poppies took all morning to plant, and stood proudly below the lone pine in Freedom Park, Hervey Bay.

Mounted Poppy 1100 - SOLD to Clayton Hearing

We would like to give a big thank you to Clayton Hearing who have supported our project with the purchase of Mounted Poppy 1100.  Thank you for helping us towards our target.

Poppy 700 has sold -QGC Wells and MSC

A big thank you to all from QCG Wells and MSCB for the purchase of poppy 700

1443 Poppies Completed YAHOO

It has been an ongoing effort for nearly 12 months, but this week we completed our final firing.  This included the one and only purple poppy which represents the service of all military animals.  

10 Nov 2021 Poppy Making Event

We were delighted when Martin Bamforth accepted our invitation to make a poppy.  He is thrilled with the results and created this poppy under the guidance of poppy artist (and also my mum) Kaye Moffat.

10 Nov 2021 Poppy Making Event

Getting her hands in clay, Laura Duckworth from Mates4Mates making a poppy with poppy artist Irene Brown

10 Nov 2021 Poppy Making Event

Can anyone can make a poppy?  Yes, with the help of our team they surely can.  Here we have poppy artist Annie Alexandar, Cadets Jackson Hay and Michael Buckley, poppy artist Camille Sangster, Karen Hall and Fraser Coast Anglian Collage Principal Joe Wright

10 Nov 2021 poppy making event

Councilor Jade Wellings, me and President of the RSL Sub Branch Brian Tidyman

Mayor George Seymour gives a helping hand

On the 10 November we held an invitation only poppy making event, and were delighted with the turn out.  Below is Mayor George Seymour making a beautiful poppy.

A New Poppy Lady - Carol Bedding

As a team we were delighted to welcome Carol Bedding to the poppy project as one of our poppy artists.  Thank you Carol for coming on board!

A sea of red

Team photo from left to right, Fliur-Louise Genevieve, Joanne Shadbolt, Ruth Dillion, Irene Brown, Kaye Moffat, Annie Alexander and Helen Kirk.  Missing from the below photo is the wonderful Camille Sangster and glazing guru Fay Thomson.

Alec and Irene Brown, a big thankyou

We are delighted that Alec and Irene Brown have purchased mounted poppy 300.  Irene is one of our amazing poppy artists and her husband Alec has been an essential team member of our project.  

Mounted poppy 800 SOLD!

Mounted poppy 800 has been sold, with the purchase of this poppy honouring Laurie Arnold, Australian Army, Vietnam veteran, unit 161.  Thankyou!

Thank you Martin and Liz Bamforth

Dear Martin and Liz, thank you so much for supporting our project, we are truly delighted that you have purchased mounted poppy 600.

Big Thank you to Gayle Minniecon

We would love to thank Gayle Minniecon for the purchase of mounted poppy number 300.  Thank you so much for your very generous support of our project.

Poppy 1200 has Sold

We are delighted that mounted poppy number 1200 has been sold to Wide Bay Toyota - A huge thankyou for supporting us!

Vulcan Steel Group we thank you

We would like to thank Vulcan Steel Group for supporting our project through the purchase of mounted poppy 400.

Who are the poppy artists?

This project is only possible because there is a dedicated group of 8 amazing ladies making these beautifully unique poppies.   They are Annie Alexander, Carol Bedding, Camille Sangster, Fay Thomson, Helen Kirk, Irene Brown, Jo Shadbolt, Kaye Moffat and Ruth Dillon.

Fraser Coast Council - Thanks for your support

We would like to thank Mayor George Seymour for supporting our project through the purchase of mounted poppy 500 from the Mayor's sponsorship and donation fund.

Whale and Anchor - Thanks for supporting us

A big thankyou to Whale and Anchor who have purchased mounted poppy number 900!  Thank you so much for your support.

Cassie and the Kiln - Fraser Coast Anglican Collage

A huge thanks to FCAC and Cassie O'Brien for all their support in using the schools kiln to bisque fire nearly 25%  of our poppies!

Thank you to Vivid Home Builders

With local businesses  beginning to express interest in our project we have created 14 mounted poppies. These poppies with their identifying number on dog tags are perfect for display in an office. 

These poppies will sell for the value of their numerical number and we are delighted that our first poppy in this collection, number 1000 has been sold to Vivid Home Builders. We would love to hear from other businesses who would like to support Mates4Mates with a poppy purchase!  Please contact us at poppyprojecthb@yahoo.com.

Poppies are popping up everywhere

We continue to sculpt, fire and glaze poppies.  Our sculpted poppy count is now over 650 and we have been thrilled with the interest our local community is showing as they become aware of this project.  The below photo is from one of our many poppy workshop days.

Ready, Set, Fire

We are now ready to load the big kiln and glaze fire 148 poppies.  The first big fire with 10 more glaze fires to follow.

We Have Poppies!

First poppies unloaded.

We Have Poppies!

This morning we unloaded the small kiln to confirm that our glazes would fire correctly.  As you can see we have beautiful red poppies.  Tomorrow we will complete glazing 200 poppies and load the large kiln.

No Exploding Poppies - Phew

With a sigh of relief, we were delighted that our first 220 poppies survived their the first fire - stay tuned for the next photo as we are onto the glazing....

First Fire

This week, we look forward to firing our first 220 poppies, with any luck the kiln gods will ensure that we have no explosions in the kiln.

Lest We Forget Poppy Project

I'm proud to be raising funds for Mates4Mates to help support veterans impacted by service-related injuries and their families. With a team of 8 amazing women we are creating 1443 ceramic poppies to be displayed on ANZAC Day 2022 at the Hervey Bay Light Horse Memorial.  

Why 1443 poppies?  This number reflects the number of names listed on the Hervey Bay Light Horse Memorial, Freedom Park and the Pialba Memorial Cenotaph.  The poppies are to represent the service and sacrifices made by all those who serve.

The poppies will be sold from the foyer of the Hervey Bay RSL in April with the proceeds being donated to Mates4Mates who provide much- needed support and rehabilitation services to those in need.  

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Poppy Sale Proceeds


Poppy Sales Proceeds


Poppy Sales Proceeds


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In honour of someone’s service - Laurie Arnold, Australian Army, Vietnam veteran, unit 161 (independent) Reconnaissance Flight


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For the Poppy Project. I'll be at the RSL before 4 today.


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Great work Poppy Ladies


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A wonderful way to pay tribute to the brave servicemen and women who have fought for our great country and raise funds to support our veterans.


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Jane Gorman

Hi fliur this is for the 4 poppies for Jane Gorman - will be picked up by Jenny Campbell Thanks so much - we love what you are doing. Each of the Gorman girls will now have a poppie for their darling dad Brian.


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More than happy to support such a worthy cause.


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Thrilled to be able to obtain 2 Poppies in memory of 2 of our ancestors


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Poppy Sales Proceeds


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This retired Army Nurse applauds your efforts. Thank-you.


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QGC Wells poppy 700. Thank you for letting us be part of this great cause!


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