Alone - A Sailor's Life

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Logan Writers Festival

Attended Logan Writers Festival 9th and10th September to present a talk about my book. Sold a number of copies which meant a few more donations for my fund-raiser for Mates4Mates.

Please help me reach my goal

I'm proud to be raising funds for Mates4Mates to help support veterans impacted by service-related injuries and their families.

Mates4Mates need our help to do more and provide much- needed support and rehabilitation services to those in need.

Please help me make a difference by donating. Together, our impact is greater!

I have written a book about a solo trip I made in a 22 foot yacht from Australia to South Africa across the Indian Ocean in 2006. which is also a memoir about my life and my own struggles with depression from my previous service. The book is self-published and is called Alone - A Sailor's Life. I plan to raise funds by donating $5 from the sale of each book to Mates4Mates to help veterans and their families.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Greg Currie

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Cameron Gregory

Happy New Year Greg - hope you continue to keep up the good work you do for all those who need it!


Greg Currie


Book Sales


Greg Currie

Book Sales