By Kellie Ely Join Me

Walking or PowerwLking is good for you.

Come on Bundaberg let's walk 4fun 4 exercise 4 M8TS 4 M8TS.
Help me raise money for our M8TS without them we would never  the beautiful place we call home. AUSTRALIA SO COME ON LETS WALK AND SHOW THEM WE ARE HERE WE ARE PROUD WE ARE LOUD WE ARE HERE 4 OUR M8TS!!

Please help me reach my goal

I'm proud to be raising funds for Mates4Mates to help support veterans impacted by service-related injuries and their families.

Mates4Mates need our help to do more and provide much- needed support and rehabilitation services to those in need.

Please help me make a difference by donating. Together, our impact is greater!