When you’re down, push up.

By Peter Glanfield Join Me

Final day

Well I would have liked to have raised more. will have to double my efforts next April

Day 21

"When you're down push up" - I chose this as my tag line because I know the practical truth of it. I know from experience how hard it is to get motivated when the black dog bites. I also know the value of exercise. It is having a goal like the challenge I have set myself here that motivates me to do the exercise to help myself. Although my fund raising has not been what I hoped for and the number of visits outweighs the number of donations, I will keep going to exceed my part of the deal.

Day 17

Imagine falling in  love with someone, a loving caring person, sharing the miracle of birth with them, being proud of their commitment to service to country. Then on day  a switch flicks and the turn into someone unpredictable, fearful, hyperalert or distrustful, violent or distant. Not all damage is visible or physical. 
Our vets need to know help is not only available but that it is where they need it when they need.

Day 14

Imagine giving up the best years, when your young and carefree and fit and healthy, then spending the rest of your life damage, fragile and fearful?

Day 13

A controversial question perhaps, but I'd like to hear opinions.
Did the post WW2 , Soldier Settlement program help returning vets?
Two of my uncles took up a farm, one had been in Changi.
For a small donation to M4M you can tell me your stories and I will upload them here

Who was Steve

For those of you who did not know Steve , he was with the 1st Military Police and saw service in Iraq, Timor and Cambodia.

I don’t know all the things he experienced or witnessed in that time but I do know some of it.

I wouldn’t wish the parts I do know about on my worst enemy let alone a man who was a good friend.

Steve died terribly a few years ago.

So this is for all the veterans that don’t come back whole.

I hope we can help to save some from Steve’s fate.

Please help us reach my goal $3k for 3,000 push-ups

Day one 40   first up  I feel confident I can break the 3K push-up goal. Can you reach the $3K goal

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