Back To The Track 2021

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The journey ahead

3 July 21 Although it can be said I’m on a journey through the Australian Outback at present, for me it is more of an adventure really. I’m visiting places I haven’t been to in a while and some I’ve never even been to which is exciting. Currently we await the arrival of the remainder of the Back To The Track 2021 participants some of which may not arrives for weeks yet. We arrived in the Alice three weeks early due to a change in plans to suit the Covid-19 restrictions at that time, we are now donating our time at the Transport Hall of Fame Museum here in Alice Springs. There is much we can do and we have the time to assist them as volunteers. A few of us are setting up areas in preparation for the military history displays which are about to come on line while others are utilising their skills in the movement of current displays of vehicles (including military related vehicles and machinery) into more suitable locations for display. Watch this space.
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Make a difference to help me reach our goal

Why I support Mates4Mates 

Mates4Mates "The name says it all" 

There was a time not that long ago really when I found myself in a situation I believed I had no control over, (or so I thought at the time). Things went from bad to worse, I had complex issues, unbelievable fits of anger, sadness, resentment, the bouts of depression sending me spiralling downwards in a never-ending series of self-medication and isolation. I hated the world but more-so I hated myself, self harm was inevitable. That was until an old army mate pulled me back into the world saying "What are mates for?" Mates are for mates. 

As an ex-serviceman and veteran myself I sought solitude in the Mates4Mates program around 2012/13 and honestly it changed my life. I am truly honoured to be in a position now where I can give back to the community and to raise funds to help support veterans and their families impacted by service-related injuries through Mates4Mates.

Mates4Mates need our help to do more and provide much- needed support and rehabilitation services to those in need.

Please help me make a difference by donating. Together, our impact is greater!

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Wishing you safe travels back home to QLD.


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Thank you Rick, best of luck in reaching your fundraising goal and safe travels on BTTT 2021


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Good luck, have fun and enjoy x


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