Sarah Ellis

QLD Premier's Anzac Prize Group 2023 Join Us

QLD Premier's Anzac Prize Group 2023

We are proud to be raising funds for Mates4Mates to help support veterans impacted by service-related injuries and their families.

Mates4Mates need our help to do more and provide much- needed support and rehabilitation services to those in need.

Please help us make a difference by donating. Together, our impact is greater!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Stede Bonnet

Sounds like my sort of Charity.😃


Sarah Ellis


Sonia Cridland

So proud of you Sarah! Keep on working hard for your community!!!


Secret Squirrel

So proud of you xx


Arielle's Authentic Kindling (arielle Suhr)

This is Arielle's Authentic Kindling replying to Sarah's Quality Firewood. Seriously, though, I can't think of anyone who deserves this more than you do. Have fun in Europe and send photos or I WILL be contacting the French authorities. -Arielle (:


Lisa Devlin

Have a great trip!


Edward Teach

It's just f#$*#*g hard sometimes, you know? You ever feel trapped, like you're just treading water, waiting to drown?


Ma And Pa

Sup dude.



Hi Sarah, hope this helps, have fun on the trip


Becca Ellis

Have a lovely trip.


Piper Wiemers

Hi Sarah, I hope this little donation helps you to reach your goal 😊 Good luck!