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My name is Zane and I am a currently serving member in the RAAF for the last 11 years. 

In my service I have received some injuries myself and turned to bodybuilding as a means to deal with chronic pain, mental illness and improve my quality of life. 

I am competing in multiple natural bodybuilding shows in the coming months with the INBA Defence and Emergency services physique titles on the 10th of October as my final show and want to raise awareness for this amazing organisation and show how strength and exercise can be used to heal the body and the mind. 

I'm proud to be raising funds for Mates4Mates to help support veterans impacted by service-related injuries and their families.

Mates4Mates need our help to do more and provide much-needed support and rehabilitation services to those in need.

Please help me make a difference by donating. Together, our impact is greater!

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Mate. Your such an inspiration. Standing for a great cause be proud of yourself. ❤





You’re Legend for doing this mate, well done on all you’ve achieved so far. Can’t wait to see the final result.


Bormann Geoff & Alana

Proud of you mate


Angela Wiseman

Angela wiseman 0417 255 272


Matt Allwood


Evan Mccloy



Zane Bormann


Jack Bormann

Winners win 🏆


Jane Bormann


Trey Upton

Get that shred big man 💪🏻


Jane Bormann

So proud of you!


Southern X Smokers

Power to you brother. Good luck in the Comp, we are rooting for ya 🤙🏼


Ben Woods

Keep up the good work. You’ve done better than I could with fund raising


Dave Kirkpatrick

Awesome work brother keep it up, you’ve done amazing,


Shaun Memmler

My boi Z


Amanda Costello

You are an inspiration! Well done and keep pushing towards that last show! You got this 💪🏻


Nicholas De Ryck


Daniel Chapelle


Aidan N

Go get it brother.


Daniel Purdie

Yes yes and yes


Angel Ridolfi

Ridolfi fam is proud of you!



Well done mate with your fundraising and best of luck tommorrow 💪🏼


Ando & Mel

Amazing work Bud!



Good onya Zane!


Kayne And Georgia Melvin


Jack Pope


Trey Upton

Love it man!


Nicola Altadonna