Get together with your mates to help our veterans

Some things are more fun shared with mates. Hosting a fundraising event with friends, at school or even at work, is a great way to have fun and meet new people. Get baking, organise a sports game or dust off the board games – get everyone together to raise money to help our veterans connect again.

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Do something at school

Get your school involved. Host a chocolate drive, run a sports challenge, or hold a free dress day and encourage students to make a gold coin donation. There are so many fun ways for students and teachers to raise funds for our veterans and show their support for those who serve.

Do something at work

Why not Bake for Mates? A great way to mingle with your colleagues and work friends, and raise funds for our veterans. Simply organise a morning tea and get baking to give back to our Mates. You can ask for a donation for each item, or auction off goods on the day. This simple act will help change the lives of our veterans impacted by service, with proceeds going to physical rehabilitation and recovery programs.

Do something with mates

It is only with your support that we can help veterans connect and feel less isolated. Why not host a BBQ to show you care? Simply invite your mates, fire up the barbie, ask for donations (through your own online fundraising page), or charge per sausage, and enjoy your sanga knowing you’re helping change the lives of our veterans.

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