Something for yourself.

Challenge yourself to do something brave and conquer a fear or kick a habit for a month – or better yet, forever! You could quit smoking, alcohol or even junk food. By choosing your own challenge and raising funds, you will give hope and support to veterans and their families.

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What you will get

We're here to support you on your fundraising journey with ideas, encouragement and information. By donating your time to a challenge you’ll receive:

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We’ll send you a kit to help you get started and ensure you have everything you need for your fundraising journey.

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When you sign up, you’ll get your own fundraising page to tell your story, upload pictures and ask your friends for support.

Personal support

The Mates4Mates fundraising team is here to help. We can provide support to guide you along the way. Got a question? Give us a call on 1300 4 MATES (62 837) or reach out via the Contact Us section.

Give something up

Breaking a habit isn’t easy, so what better way to stay motivated than by knowing you’re doing it to change lives – yours and our veterans. Ask people to sponsor you for every day you go without. Not sure what habit to break? You could try avoiding social media, drinking coffee – or go sugar-free. Whatever you decide, you know you’ll feel great – you might even end up quitting for good.

Do something brave

Ready to test your limits or conquer a fear? Do something that gets your heart racing. It could be an adrenaline inducing skydive or rock climbing challenge if you have a fear of heights. Set up a fundraising page and encourage your friends and family to support you in conquering your fear for an important cause.

Choose your own

Already have a fundraising idea that you want to turn into a reality or need some help in coming up with the right idea?

By registering today, you’re taking the first step. The Mates4Mates will then be here to help get you on your way. There are so many ways to raise funds and support veterans and their families.